“Spending More Money For a Better Life”

Can time stop ?I found this sentence/ saying/ expression/ locution in google of someone. It is TRUE, since based on this society, most of the things can be bought. But because of it, I hate this saying, because I don’t have/ earn many moneys (if comparing with other people), so do I not have a better life? Sometime, looking back to my life, it is suck, but look at the others (poor people, beggars, orphans, prisons), I think my life is still good. I have big family (parent, younger sister, relatives, friends), so why some times I am disappointed at myself. They can make me smile, always stand by me, do not do something harmful, or take advantages of me (therefore, I don’t have anything :P). Sometime, I am satisfied at myself, at my current life; but looked at the others (smart/ success people) arround me, I have nothing at all. They can travel many places in the world (me: somewhere in the South Vietnam), they can get scholarships, master degree in university (me: not yet finished college). I am wasting my time, my money, Minh do you know ?  Worked nearly 4 years, but I don’t have saving money. It is my failure. When looking new house, I am jealous with people who build it. Therefore, “Spending More Money For a Better Life” is Correct, but how many people have money and feel Happy in deep their heart ? Minh why do you care the others, asking for yourself

  1. Try to find a school and study before you are old
  2. Try to save your money to travel anywhere, and do anything you wish (building a house)
  3. Don’t waste time for stuff, for people who don’t care you

About Ngoc Minh

“I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”
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