Under parents mind, when their children are mature!

Noone don’t have father & mother, daddy & mom. And we know that they love their children, off course. It’s up to some reasons such as tradition, environment, general requirements, that parents have different ways to bear & rear children. In my opinion, all parents can share the same feeling, the same thinking that in their eyes, “children is children, their children is not mature whatever the age they are “.

When hearing stories of travellers,  viewing photos of beautiful places, countries in the world, I feel jealous with them, who were there. Why there are many things that I don’t know, see, eat, and try  to do ? Although, I know that “be myself, I am not them”, but it does not I can share wishes, hopes with them. I really want to travel, back-packing  trip / journey. And one day, exactly this weekend, I will have back-packing trip in Da Lat, a farthest  place, where I were traveled one time ago. I don’t want to lie to my parents, so I told the truth to them and hope them understand. But what i got is disagreement from my mother “You always go if anyone call you”, “Weekend for family”, “Do you enough mature to do whatever you want? “. 😦 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I know that my mother and father will be worry for me because they love me, their oldest daughter; and I love them so much too. Many time, I feel so lucky when thinking they are my parents. But they cannot keep me like that, if not now, there will be have a time in the future I will go, leave them (not forever); and I have my life to take care, my knowledge to support (I am so selfish)  Whatever, I will go, but I will call them every day when traveling. Hope them undertand! ♥♥♥


About Ngoc Minh

“I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”
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