Back-packing in Da Lat

Last week, I and my friend did a back-packing journey in Da Lat ^^. This is the first time I do a back-packing trip like that. It is so excited. We booked bus ticket from East bus station in Ho Chi Minh city to Da Lat bus status and contrary direction. We booked a cheap room on Hoa Binh hotel, near Da Lat market; and rent two motorbikes for Da Lat adventure.

  1. First day: (Oct 01st, 2011)
    • We started the journey from 10:30PM in the HCM East bus station, and arrived to Da Lat bus station at 5:30AM.
    • 6:00 AM: at Hoa Binh hotel
    • 6:30 AM: for breakfast with noodle and coffee & milk
    • 7:00 AM: go to Da Lat garden/park, take photos, buy flowers, buy gift for Mr.Thanh, who we borrowed camera.
    • 9:00 AM: go to Crazy House
    • 10:10 AM: visit strange table (near Tau pagoda/ temple)
    • 11:30 AM: come back Hoa Binh hotel, charge battery/ cell of camera, go for lunch in Da Lat market, buy shawl, take a short nap
    • 1:00PM: go to Suoi Vang (Gold Spring), take photos on the streets, view landscapes, breathe with fresh air, eat Com Lam (Lam Rice), baked deer meat, drunk  🙂
    • 5:00 PM: go to Camry waterfall
    • 6:00 PM: go back to Hoa Binh hotel, take a rest and wash, go to market to buy coat/overcoat/jacket for my mother, drink hot soya ^^, go to coffee shop
    • 12:00 PM: go to sleep ^^
  2. Second day: (Oct 02nd, 2011)
    • 7:00 AM : wake up (so late), drink coffee in Hoa Binh hotel, go for breakfast (one of places for tourist/traveler on map)
    • 9:00 AM: go to  strawberry garden, take photos
    • 11:00  AM : go to Tiger Waterfall & Cave, take photos, eat baked chicken meat of other travelers ^^.
    • 13:30 PM: go for lunch, go back to hotel & check out
    • 15:00 PM: in Da Lat bus station to go back to HCM East bus station, make a friend with Ilhame (come from Netherlands) ^^ “thanks saigonist

It is an excited trip, I hope I will have a storage of journeys in the future.


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“I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”
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One Response to Back-packing in Da Lat

  1. saigonist says:

    Dalat is my favorite place to take a break from the city, especially in the hot months of April and May. Right now, it’s cold enough in Saigon!

    Btw, Ha Lan in English is the Netherlands.


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