Difference Between Character and Personality


Human behavior can be difficult to understand, so as character and personality. But one thing we have to understand is this; character is objective while personality is subjective. Character is something within you and is always there, for example, morals. On the other hand, one’s personality can and may change at some point in life. Take this, a person can have a good character and is known to do good things, but have a very loner and shy personality. Another person can be everyone’s best friend , but then turns out to be a traitor afterward.

One can say that character is one’s soul, the real you, while personality is your mask.

In brief:

Character is basically objective while personality is subjective.Character is your inner self while personality is your mask.

Read more: http://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-character-and-vs-personality/#ixzz2VF1mfcB3


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